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Download IActivation Icloud Bypass tool by ZeCode. He has developed several tools to bypass and this one is the latest. This will fix the restart problem, disable OTA Updates and Resets, Fixed Battery, Fixed Basebandand Notification as the developers said. You can download and use this tool for Free. As always you need to jailbreak your device and use this tool for bypass.  It Supports iPhone 5s to X for Bypass.

If the phone is untethered bypassed for the first time. If you restart the software on the same phone, delete iFile. Then start the untethered bypass process.

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Some Highlights:

  1. You Need to Jailbreak your device first for this bypass.
  2. Fixed Whatsapp Notifications
  3. Fixed Battery and Baseband
  4. OTA Blocked
  5. Supports iPhone 5s to iPhone X only
  6. Only support which can be jailbreak by checkrain
  7. Support Few Ipad models
  8. Sim / Cellular won’t fix by this bypass
  9. Only MEID iPhone is done by this method.
  10. If you restart, your iPhone won’t be relocked again.
  11. Don’t update IOS and Factory reset and Erase your iPhone which may relock iCloud again.

Download iActivation v4.2 ICloud Bypass Free Tool Windows

Download Link : Click Here

Password : gsmgeeky.com

Steps to Bypass : 

Step 1 jailbreak your iDevice

Step 2 check if the computer is connected to the Internet

Step 3 Connect your iDevice to a computer

Step 4 Check if the iDevice details are in the iActivation tool

Step 5 Start = Activate Untethered or Skip Activate Untethered

If you untethered bypass your only device again and again with this iActivation tool Before doing so, delete the ( iFile ) file in the tool

Watch Video Tutorial by Developer. Don’t Forget to say thanks to ZeCode for this tool. We are not a Developer and creator. Please use these tools only for educational and test purposes. You will be responsible for all.



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