checkra1n for windows version

Yes, You heard it right. Now you can use checkra1n on Windows PC directly without using bootable pendrive or disk. After a long wait ifpdz (team of iremoval pro windos bypass tool) created this tool for public. You can jailbreak iphone 5s to X which runs on ios 12 to 14.8 by this checkra1n. Now Jailbreak will be easy to all. Don’t forget to say thanks to ifpdz team.

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Some Highlights about this post: 

  1. You can Jailbreak on windows computer. Either you have Intel or AMD Processor computer.
  2. You don’t need Pendrive or memory card  for this. This is standalone App.
  3. After this jailbreak you can bypass your iphone.
  4. you can bypass iphone 6s to iPhone X  from this windows method.
  5. Supported ios 12 to 14.8.

Can we jailbreak ios 15 Hello Screen iphone by this tool ?

No. This tool wont work on Jailbreaking Hello Screen ios till now. Till now Checkra1n team or any other team havent released ios 15 jailbreak. All are working and developing on new version of checkraqn. copied from gsmgeeky. We have heard that Jailbreak on ios 15 is Currently works only up to A9 ( iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, iPhone 6s, iPhone SE, and whatever iPad Pros have A9(X) ). We will give you more update soon about this.

Download Direct Checkra1n Tool for Windows :

checkra1n windows version / Backup Link 

Download iremoval Checkrain v5.1.1 / Backup Link

iRemoval Checkra1n Tool v.5.1.2 / Backup Link

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