EMC Passcode Activator  is a tool for Disable and Passcode bypass with Sim working , Facetime working and iCloud Sign in working. This tool also Support ipad Model. This Tool is developed by EMC Team. They have other iPhone bypass tool also which is widely used.   You dont have to jailbreak to use this tool.  It support 6s to X and version 14 to 15. This article is written by gsmgeeky site. Now we can bypass with signal disable and passcode ios version 15 15.1 15.2 15.3 15.4 and latest version with tool. It is a premium paid tool and you need to register ecid before use. It also support ios version 11 to latest on new version of tool.

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Some Highlights of this Post :

  1. This tool only works on mac os only for now.
  2. Supported devices 6s to X (ios 15 too)
  3. You dont need to jailbreak to use this tool.
  4. This is paid service and tool, you need to register your ecid before bypass.
  5. This tool support ios 11 to 15.4 or latest in future.
  6. First you need to backup your activation data , erase iphone and activated again to make signal bypass. copes from gsmgeeky.
  7. All other functions work normally after bypass. Some user even restore by retain data user and iPhone didnt got relock.

Features of this Tool :

Bypass Features:

✅Calls (Signal)


*After ECID Registered*

*1. Put Device in DFU MODE*

*2. Click Activate Device and wait till tool save required infos*

*3. Full Restore Device ( Fully turn on device after restore and connect with EMC Passcode Activator )*

*4. Put again device in DFU Mode and click Activate Device*

*5. Enjoy*



How does it work ?

This tool doesnt bypass on Hello Screen Mode. You might know how we bypass ipad 5 and iPhone 5 models. First method first switch your iPhone to pwned dfu mode and then it will start Backup your activation files on disable mode. After that you need to reset / erase your iPhone and finally connect to tools and Activate your device. copied from gsmgeeky website. This method is just temporary and will relock if you do reset system or update ios version. This method may not work if you device is already carrier locked. Need to test when tools comes out.

Can we jailbreak ios 15 Hello Screen iphone by this tool ?

No. This tool wont work on Jailbreaking Hello Screen ios till now. Till now Checkra1n team or any other team havent released ios 15 jailbreak. All are working and developing on new version of checkraqn. copied from gsmgeeky. We have heard that Jailbreak on ios 15 is Currently works only up to A9 ( iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, iPhone 6s, iPhone SE, and whatever iPad Pros have A9(X) ). We will give you more update soon about this.

Download EMC Passcode Activator Tool :

EMC Passcode Activator / Backup Link

Download Patched Checkra1n and i4.cn Tool :

Patched Checkra1n by CTABUYO for dfu mode / Backup Link

Download i4.cn Tools (like 3utools for mac) / Backup Link


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